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We’ve been growing our coffee for over 100 years on our family farm in Jinotega, Nicaragua.
Four generations of the Don Tomas family has been producing high quality 100% Arabica coffee in the mountains of beautiful Jinotega.

About Don Tomas Coffee

At Don Tomas Coffee, we proudly produce some of the finest Arabica coffee in the world. While doing so, we also support our farming community by investing in education and medical services for our farmers and their families who call the farm “home.”  Today, with our same commitment to quality, community, and family.

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About Don Tomas Coffee

Our Coffee Roasts

  • Claro
  • Mediano
  • Oscuro
  • Descafeinado
  • Espresso

Our Estate Coffee is available in three unique roast levels, light, medium, or dark, as well as an espresso and decaffeinated blend.  Don Tomas’ blends are tailored for each individual roast to provide the optimal coffee experience. Our coffee is available in whole bean as well as ground, please enjoy!


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Green Coffee

Green Coffee

Don Tomas Estate Coffee is also available to roasters, from individual home roasters to large corporate roasters. Our farm in Jinotega, Nicaragua produces a variety of different coffee varietals from Java, Geisha, Bourbon, Maragogype, etc.  Don Tomas Coffee is also partners in our dry mill, ensuring the coffee is well taken care of from the ground to the bag. Please contact us for more information.

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